About: phybo

Phybo is an experimental project that stands for PHYsical weB Objects. The goal is to create objects that interact with web applications, enhancing the objects, making them more intelligent and integrate them with social and web applications like twitter, facebook or blogs. The objects will have sensors and actuators, making them interactive and responsive. They are also network enabled, interconnected with web applications making the interaction extensive to web applications.


The project is inspired by concepts of:

  • physical computing: building interactive physical objects and systems that sense and respond to the physical world.
  • web of things: objects that contain embedded devices or computers that are connected and fully integrated with the web.

Phybo objects will be interactive and connected to the web, but will be also reactive with the web.


The objects are published under a creative commons license. Anyone is invited to build, share and connect them.


Nuño Pereira is the creator of this project, you can read more and find more information about the objects in my blog (in spanish, english version by google translate). To colaborate, contribute and/or participate, just contact this e-mail address: info@phybo.com.

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